GlitchTip 1.4: Small improvements, some changes for self-hosted users

Our 1.4 release brings a nice mix of bugfixes, UI improvements, and the addition of some quality-of-life features.

In the event detail page, you're able to click a tag to use it as a search filter:

You are now able to sort issues with a dropdown on the issues list page. And check out those colors on the left: we added support for levels as well!

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new sort menu

Updates for self-hosted users

For self-hosted users, we added a few features. You are now able to run with DEBUG setting turned on. We also changed how ENABLE_OPEN_USER_REGISTRATION works; we still hide the general registration form, but you're now able to invite other members. They will not be able to create their own organizations.

If you're interested in self-hosting, we added a new method that might make it easier: try our new Deploy to DigitalOcean button. Click the button, do a bit of configuration, and you're on your way! As a bonus, we'll get some referral credit, so you'll be supporting further development.

Breaking changes to Helm Chart

We recommend our Helm Chart only for advanced users who are experts with Helm and Kubernetes. In an effort to modernize and make our chart a more generic Django Helm Chart, we are introducing breaking changes in our values and deployment names. If you are running the GlitchTip Helm Chart, you’ll need to carefully review values.yml. We recommend using Helm Diff to preview the changes. This upgrade will also require remaking deployments due to changes in immutable fields. Helm does not support this at the time of the post. Helm Diff will correctly show which deployments need remade. You will need to manually delete the old deployments.

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