Sustainable Open Source Development and GlitchTip

April 9, 2021 • David Burke

Funding open source is a topic I think about a lot. My company, Burke Software and Consulting, has been developing open source software for about 10 years now and funding through mostly unrelated contract work.

While this strategy is reliable and pays the bills, I'd love to take GlitchTip to the next level. That's why we're rolling out paid support plans for self hosting.

GlitchTip development involves paying programmers, designers, illustrators, and free hosting for To be sustainable, we need contributors including code and financial support.

Cat treats are not free, and neither is software development

Who's using GlitchTip

As of today, we have 258 organizations using, including 3 paid accounts. We have 10K+ docker pulls. Based on some conversations I've had, our user base is largely self-hosted and most are attracted to GlitchTip because we are easy to run and 100% open source.

Given this skew towards self-hosting, we think it makes sense to add self host support plans.

Self-Host Support Plans

Premium support for $15 per user per month.

  • Installation on your infrastructure
  • Updates
  • Priority Email and instance chat support
  • Support open source error tracking software

Enterprise plans are available as well. They come with custom branding and single sign in integrations. LDAP, Google Apps, and more.

Contact us to get started by emailing

How we handle support

We love open source. That's why we went with ChatWoot for our email and live chat support.

Other ways to support GlitchTip

If you don't need support but want to self host GlitchTip, we recommend a donation of $5 per user per month. You can also: