GlitchTip 1.7: Webhook notifications

Webhook Notifications

GlitchTip now supports project alert notifications via webhooks. This lets you send GlitchTip alerts to chat platforms such as Rocket.Chat and Slack. To begin, add alert notifications in your project's settings. Enter the webhook URL provided by where you want to send the notification to. For example, Slack calls this "Incoming Webhooks" and is documented here.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new webhook notifications
Screenshot of GlitchTip's new webhook notification in Rocket chat

This was our most requested feature to date. Make sure to check out our GitLab and upvote issues important to you. Then donate or contribute. If you'd like help contributing, stop by our Gitter and ask how to get started.

Upcoming plans

There has been some behind the scenes progress in a few areas that will show up soon.

  • django-rest-mfa provides backend support for Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • GlitchTip Helm chart is now based on django-helm-chart which is shared between several projects - lowering maintenance needs for GlitchTip's Helm chart.
  • GlitchTip file uploads are moving slowly but surely and now support uploading individual files. This feature has no end-user facing capabilities yet but is a foundation of sourcemap uploading.
  • Designs for Uptime Monitoring are underway.

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