GlitchTip 1.10: Uptime Monitoring and Social Auth Improvements

Uptime Monitoring Notifications

Setting up alerts for GlitchTip's uptime monitors is now much easier and more customizable. Users can configure their project alerts to send notifications for error events or for uptime monitor triggers (or both). This also means you can receive uptime alerts via webhook. These options are available through the settings page of the project associated with the uptime monitor. If a monitor doesn't have an associated project, a project can be added at any time.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new project alert settings for uptime.
Screenshot of an email for an uptime alert.

Social Authentication for self host users

GlitchTip now supports editing domains for self hosted GitLab. It also now supports Gitea, DigitalOcean, NextCloud OAuth. See install docs for more information.

Upgrade Considerations

  • If upgrading from GlitchTip 1.3 or older (released a year ago) please upgrade to GlitchTip 1.9.2 before upgrading to 1.10. This is due to database migration optimizations (Django's squash migrations).
  • If using Docker Compose and upgrading from GlitchTip 1.8 or older, please update your compose file worker command to be command: ./bin/ This is necessary to improve security best practices by running GlitchTip as a non-root user.


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