GlitchTip 1.12: Monitor your app performance and JS source maps


GlitchTip's performance monitoring feature is no longer in beta. You can now monitor application performance using an open source sentry SDK client. GlitchTip will group your app's transactions (e.g., web requests, background tasks, database calls) and let you view your app's slowest responses. In future updates, it will be easier to view the details of a transaction and filter on "spans" that will enable users to view important metrics like their slowest database queries.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new performance monitoring transaction groups list.

JavaScript Source Map Support

Are you using a JavaScript bundler such as webpack? Your issues may show only the minified version of your code. GlitchTip can now show the original source, including TypeScript, when you set a release and upload release files using the open source sentry-cli. This feature is very new, so please consider submitting bug reports and fixes.

Improvements on Debug Information File support for Android/IOS apps

DIF support has existed for some time. It is now enabled by default.

Considerations for hosted GlitchTip users

If you are using hosted GlitchTip (, performance and file uploads (measured in megabytes) now count toward your subscription plan's event limit. You can disable or limit performance transactions in your sentry SDK. File uploads are counted only toward the month that you upload them. If you upload two 1MB files each month, you will use only two "events" each month.

Considerations for self hosting

File uploads require storing files in either a django-storages file backend (such as AWS S3) or a volume. Docker Compose users need to enable the volume in their compose file. Heroku, DO app platform, and Kubernetes users are recommeneded to use an S3-like solution if your instance runs on multiple nodes.

Please consider contributing best practices and examples for self hosted file storage. We hope to provide example configuration with all of our installation methods soon.

Support GlitchTip

Our donation page now has a goal of $100/week to help fund our infrastructure. We ask that every user donate code or financial support through a donation or support contract. Without your support, GlitchTip can't exist. Don't run your critical infrastructure monitoring on a platform that depends on people's whims and free time. Purchase a support contract that employs a developer to support you or strengthen the community through code contributions/donations. This is the only way to keep GlitchTip active and growing.

Not a coder or in a position to afford a donation? You can still help by raising our visibility on social platforms. Consider spending two minutes to:

Coming Soon

Release files, source map support, and performance monitoring are all very new and there are many more improvements to make. Stop by our Gitter to find out how to contribute.