Connect your AngularJS project to GlitchTip

If you are using AngularJS 1.x you should be able to use the AngularJS integration.

You need to install @sentry/integrations with npm / yarn like:

npm install @sentry/integrations
# or
yarn add @sentry/integrations
import angular from "angular";
import * as Sentry from "@sentry/browser";
import * as Integrations from "@sentry/integrations";

// Make sure to call Sentry.init after importing AngularJS.
// You can also pass {angular: AngularInstance} to the Integrations.Angular() constructor.
  dsn: "your DSN here",
  integrations: [new Integrations.Angular()],

// Finally require ngSentry as a dependency in your application module.
angular.module("yourApplicationModule", ["ngSentry"]);

In case you are using the CDN version or the Loader, we provide a standalone file for every integration, you can use it like this:

<!-- Note that we now also provide a es6 build only -->
<!-- <script src="" integrity="{% sdk_cdn_checksum sentry.javascript.browser latest bundle.es6.min.js %}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- If you include the integration it will be available under Sentry.Integrations.Angular -->

    dsn: "___PUBLIC_DSN___",
    integrations: [new Sentry.Integrations.Angular()],