Connect your Minidump project to GlitchTip

Platform and Language Support

Sentry currently supports minidumps for Windows, macOS and Linux. There is no limitation as to which programming language you can use. Sentry can also demangle symbols from the following languages:

  • C and C++
  • ObjectiveC and ObjectiveC++
  • Swift
  • Rust

Languages not listed above will show the mangled name instead.

Creating and Uploading Minidumps

Depending on your operating system and programming language, there are various alternatives to create minidumps and upload them to Sentry.

If you have already integrated a library that generates minidumps and would just like to upload them to Sentry, you need to configure the Minidump Endpoint URL, which can be found at Project Settings > Client Keys (DSN). This endpoint expects a POST request with the minidump in the upload_file_minidump field:

$ curl -X POST \
  '___MINIDUMP_URL___' \
  -F upload_file_minidump=@mini.dmp

To send additional information, add more form fields to this request.