Connect your Drupal project to GlitchTip

Raven module provides integration with GlitchTip for Drupal projects.


Add the drupal/raven module to your project:

composer require drupal/raven


Configure your GlitchTip DSN and which events you want to send to GlitchTip in the "Sentry" section of the logging and errors configuration page at admin/config/development/logging.

You also have the option of setting environment variables for SENTRY_DSN, SENTRY_ENVIRONMENT and SENTRY_RELEASE, which override their corresponding configs if set.

You can use the commandline to verify that GlitchTip is capturing errors for your project:

drush raven:captureMessage 'Mic check'


Please read the README included with Raven module, and file bug reports, feature requests or support requests at the Raven project page.