Connect your Monolog project to GlitchTip


There are various ways to install the PHP integration for GlitchTip. The recommended way is to use Composer:

$ composer require sentry/sentry "^1.0"

Alternatively you can manually install it:

  1. Download and extract the latest sentry-php archive to your PHP project.

  2. Require the autoloader in your application:

    require_once '/path/to/Raven/library/Raven/Autoloader.php';

Capturing Errors

Monolog supports GlitchTip out of the box. The only thing you’ll need to do is configure a handler:

$client = new Raven_Client('YOUR-GLITCHTIP-DSN-HERE');

$handler = new Monolog\Handler\RavenHandler($client);
$handler->setFormatter(new Monolog\Formatter\LineFormatter("%message% %context% %extra%\n"));


Adding Context

Capturing context can be done via a monolog processor:

$monolog->pushProcessor(function ($record) {
    // record the current user
    $user = Acme::getCurrentUser();
    $record['context']['user'] = array(
        'name' => $user->getName(),
        'username' => $user->getUsername(),
        'email' => $user->getEmail(),

    // Add various tags
    $record['context']['tags'] = array('key' => 'value');

    // Add various generic context
    $record['extra']['key'] = 'value';

    return $record;

GlitchTip provides a breadcrumb handler to automatically send logs along as crumbs:

$client = new Raven_Client('YOUR-GLITCHTIP-DSN-HERE');

$handler = new \Raven_Breadcrumbs_MonologHandler($client);