Connect your Rust project to GlitchTip

GlitchTip is an open-source alternative to Sentry that works seamlessly with the Sentry Rust SDK.

Step 1: Include the SDK via Cargo

cargo add sentry

Step 2: Initialize the SDK

Add the following code to your (or where relevant to run as soon as possible)

let _guard = sentry::init("YOUR-GLITCHTIP-DSN-HERE");

Step 3: Verify Error Reporting

The quickest way to verify Sentry in your Rust application is to cause a panic:

fn main() {
    let _guard = sentry::init("YOUR-GLITCHTIP-DSN-HERE");

    // GlitchTip will capture this
    panic!("Oh no, an error!");

Additional settings

The Rust SDK accepts various configuration options. Here's an example that sets the release name.

let _guard = sentry::init((
    sentry::ClientOptions {
        release: sentry::release_name!(),