Simple, open source error tracking

Sentry is no longer open source. We want a quality open source product to pick up where it left off, so we're making GlitchTip.

Get updates about our progress:

Or, email [email protected] to be first in line to move your company’s private or hosted Sentry solution to GlitchTip.

Who's making this?

GlitchTip was created by Burke Software and Consulting, a small team of software developers doing consulting work and supporting open source software development. We also created Passit.

GlitchTip is open source, which means that you can be making it too! If you’re interested in doing so, visit our GitLab page for more information, or start a live chat on this page.

More about GlitchTip

Glitchtip is intended to be a simple, easy-to-use way to collect errors reported by your app. It's open source, so you can view, modify, and use the code as you see fit. Run it on your server for now, or wait awhile so you can pay us to host it for you.

GlitchTip is compatible with the Sentry API, so it can use their open source SDKs to receive error data from your application.

What's your roadmap?

Our goal for January is to start using GlitchTip for our own personal projects. Interested users can check out our code and experimental docker images as a preview.

Our goal for February is to have proper organizations and projects set up. Interested users can then sign up for a hosted demo and download beta docker images.