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Simple, open source error tracking

Every error from your project collected in real time and stored in one place, for an affordable price.

Try GlitchTip for free

Just in case you have some bugs in your code


GlitchTip collects errors reported by your app and puts them all in one place for you to see. It can use Sentry's open source SDKs to receive error data from your application.

It's also open source, so you can view, modify, and use the code as you see fit. Run it on your server, or let us host it for you. All you need to do is register with your email and password. Then, select the subscription that works best for you.

GlitchTip is the right choice if you value simplicity, affordability, and the freedom provided by open source, especially now that Sentry is no longer an open source option.

Who's making this?

GlitchTip was created by Burke Software and Consulting, a small team of software developers doing consulting work and supporting open source software development. We also created Passit.

GlitchTip is open source, which means that you can be making it too! If you’re interested in doing so, visit our GitLab page for more information, or start a live chat on this page.