GlitchTip 1.1 is now available

GlitchTip 1.1 is released. This release brings in many bug fixes to improve compatibility with various open source Sentry client SDKs.

Social Authentication

Screenshot of GlitchTip's social authentication buttons

While 1.0 had basic functionality, 1.1 revamped the system. Self-hosted users can configure Social Authentication providers in Django admin (see /admin). Only configured providers will show up as an option. All users, including hosted GlitchTip users, can add and remove social accounts from your profile. If you need to add another provider, submit a merge request implementing the frontend logic necessary to add it. We use django-allauth to help with this; make sure you do too.


Screenshot of GlitchTip's notification settings

1.0 had an issue notification system hidden away in Django admin. 1.1 provides a user interface for it. Now you can configure your projects to email you on every event or when the event quantity reaches a threshold.

GlitchTip releases are incremental and you may have seen some of these features already. You can find more details on each release at We’ll tag 1.X releases for major milestones and write a blog post about it when it happens.

Support GlitchTip

There are many ways to support the project. If you’re using GlitchTip for your company, consider a paid hosted plan on You can also donate via our Liberapay.

Consider contributing code, writing documentation, or voting for us in platforms such as AlternativeTo or Product Hunt.

How is GlitchTip funded?

The GlitchTip team does software engineering consulting work and in our spare time we work on many open source projects including GlitchTip. Your donations give us more time to work on GlitchTip and help cover server costs for If you are looking for consulting services in Django, Angular, React/NextJS, or Kubernetes you may consider us for your next project. Contact us at

What’s next

We’re working on a feature roadmap now to make it more clear what features are available. Is there one feature you need before you could use GlitchTip? Submit your feature request or upvote issues on GitLab.