GlitchTip 1.6: Improved Environments support and self host support


GlitchTip has kept track of environments (think staging, production, etc.) for awhile. 1.6 makes it easier to manage and filter issues based on environment over multiple projects.

Less is more

Did you know our main JavaScript bundle that loads in the browser is only 212kb gzipped? GlitchTip has the fastest load time among apps that are compatible with Sentry SDKs.

This reflects our values: we think that simplicity, speed, and being lightweight to run are important, and will continue to make these values a priority in our development. With that in mind, we reduced our Docker image size to just 123MB. Spend your time fixing bugs instead of waiting to see them.

Introducing Self-Host Support Plans

Premium support for $15 per user per month.

  • Installation on your infrastructure
  • Updates
  • Priority Email and instance chat support
  • Support open source error tracking software

Enterprise plans are available as well. They come with custom branding and single sign in integrations. LDAP, Google Apps, and more.

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