GlitchTip 1.8: Multi-factor authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication

GlitchTip now offers multi-factor authentication with the rollout of time-based one-time password (TOTP) protection for user accounts. You can now add a second layer of security to your GlitchTip account by pairing it with a TOTP app such as Authy, Google Authenticator or Authenticator Pro. GlitchTip's MFA also features backup codes, which you can use in the event you lose access to your TOTP app.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new MFA registration form.
Screenshot of GlitchTip's new MFA login authorization page.

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Upcoming plans

  • TOTP is only the first step in GlitchTip's MFA evolution. Soon we will also be adding FIDO2 support so you can secure your account with a Universal 2nd Factor authentication device such as Yubikey.
  • Work on uptime monitoring is well underway. In fact, for those hosting their own GlitchTip instances it is already available through the administrative backend. Stay tuned for its introduction on the frontend.

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