GlitchTip 1.9: Uptime Monitoring

Uptime Monitoring

The GlitchTip team is proud to announce the rollout of its new uptime monitoring feature. You can now use GlitchTip to keep a constant watch on your web app to make sure it is operational. Uptime monitors will send requests to your URL at regular intervals to confirm your app is up and running. If they do not receive the expected response, your site will be marked as "down" so you can investigate the cause. Uptime monitors also send email notifications to the team assigned to the associated project.

Heartbeat Monitors

Another feature our uptime monitoring service offers is "heartbeat" monitors. Heartbeat monitors act like a reverse monitor that waits for your app to contact GlitchTip to inform it that the service is up. If the app stops contacting GlitchTip, then you will get a notification that the service may be disrupted.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new uptime monitor creation form.
Screenshot of GlitchTip's new uptime monitor list page.
Screenshot of GlitchTip's new uptime monitor detail page.

Make sure to check out our GitLab and upvote issues that are important to you. Then donate or contribute. If you'd like help contributing, stop by our Gitter and ask how to get started.

Upcoming plans

  • This release is only the first stage for GlitchTip's uptime monitoring feature. In the future, we will be adding more detailed uptime event history for each monitor. We also plan to give users more options for uptime email notifications.
  • In the short term, we will be reviewing issues and requests reported to our Gitlab page to provide quality of life updates for GlitchTip.

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