GlitchTip 1.9.2: Uptime Monitoring history

Improved Uptime Monitoring

GlitchTip continues to develop its new uptime monitoring feature with the addition of detailed uptime check history. You can now see a list of uptime checks for each active monitor, allowing you to get a clearer view of "what went wrong when" in the event your app goes down. Each monitor check records the response time from your app and, if there was a problem, the reason it was marked as down.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new uptime monitor creation form.

Important notice for Docker Compose users

If you are using our Docker Compose instructions from GlitchTip 1.8 or prior, you need to update the docker-compose.yml file prior to GlitchTip 1.10. Specifically, the worker section should look like this:

    image: glitchtip/glitchtip
    command: ./bin/
    depends_on: *default-depends_on
    environment: *default-environment
    restart: unless-stopped

The difference is that the command runs ./bin/ instead of invoking celery directly.

We expect GlitchTip 1.10 to be released in January 2022. It's important to make this change before upgrading to GlitchTip 1.10.

Details as to why this is necessary

We value easy upgrades for GlitchTip. If GlitchTip doesn't save you administration and development time, then it serves little purpose. However we chose to make this breaking change in order to make the default Docker image run as a non-root user. This required different celery command arguments to avoid writing a schedule file in a read-only location. By setting it to run a script that we can control in the Docker image, this type of change won't be necessary in the future. We will make these types of manual intervention upgrades as seldom as possible and maintain backwards compatibility at least for one major release, as done here.

Upcoming plans

  • We will continue to expand GlitchTip's uptime monitoring feature. In the future, we will be adding more options for uptime email notifications.
  • In the short term, we will be reviewing issues and requests reported to our Gitlab page to provide quality of life updates for GlitchTip.

Make sure to check out our GitLab and upvote issues that are important to you. Then donate or contribute. If you'd like help contributing, stop by our Gitter and ask how to get started.

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