GlitchTip 3.1.0: Issue comments

Issue Comments

With the release of GlitchTip 3.1.0 you can now add comments to issues. You can make notes for yourself, keep your team updated on the progress of a bug fix, or share solutions, all from within the GlitchTip UI. The new comment feature also includes markdown support so you can add code to your comments. This was our most popular feature request, so we are happy to be able to release it.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's new issue comments.

Performance improvements and bug fixes

GlitchTip 3.1.0 also includes a number of changes to improve performance and address minor issues.

Django Update

We have recently completed our work toward supporting Django 4.2 and psycopg 3.

In the Works

Our uptime monitoring feature is getting an overhaul. Users will be able to adjust the rate at which GlitchTip's uptime monitors perform checks and timeout with to-the-second precision. At the same time, the feature itself will use fewer system resources.

Support GlitchTip

Your time and financial donations are the only thing that keeps GlitchTip development going. GlitchTip is not backed by venture capital.