GlitchTip 3.2.0: Uptime improvements, reindex, pagination improvements and optimizations

Uptime Monitoring improvements

GlitchTip now supports more options for uptime monitor timeouts and intervals (as frequent as every second, if you want). To learn more and how uptime monitoring works, read our development update here.

Screenshot of GlitchTip's monitor detail view.

Other improvements

  • Projects on the home page now are capped at 200 instead of 50. The projects API is also now faster.
  • Updated to Angular 16 with a slightly smaller initital JS bundle size (Under 1MB before gzip).
  • Started migration to storybook 7 (non-standalone components are broken at this time)
  • Grafana integration (via stats v2 api) is now much faster.
  • More effecient alerting database queries

Notes for self-host users

If you are self hosting GlitchTip and store millions of events a month, read on. GlitchTip 3.2 adds a nightly reindex of the issues_issue table. The first time this is run may be slow. We discovered that the GIN index on the issues tsvector grows over time an negatively affects performance. Autovacuum does not fix this. We decided this wasn't worth a major version increment, as anyone affected would likely already experience severe slowdown. If the process is too slow, consider manually dropping the index search_vector_idx and recreating it.

In the Works

Additional improvements will be made to uptime monitoring and eventually performance monitoring. Progress is slow on the latter - please let us know on GitLab if you can help. We need:

  • Experiments with large PostgreSQL data sets and performance comparisons with indexes, schema changes, and partitioning.
  • Visual designs, ideally in Figma
  • Graph and other UI development

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