Connect your Vue project to GlitchTip

To use GlitchTip with your Vue application, you will need to use the @sentry/browser SDK.

# Using yarn
$ yarn add @sentry/browser

# Using npm
$ npm install @sentry/browser

On its own, @sentry/browser will report any uncaught exceptions triggered by your application.

Additionally, the Vue integration will capture the name and props state of the active component where the error was thrown. This is reported via Vue’s config.errorHandler hook.

Starting with version 5.x, the Vue integration lives in the @sentry/integrations package. You can install it with npm / yarn:

# Using yarn
yarn add @sentry/integrations

# Using npm
npm install @sentry/integrations

Then add this to your app.js:

import Vue from "vue";
import * as Sentry from "@sentry/browser";
import * as Integrations from "@sentry/integrations";

  integrations: [new Integrations.Vue({ Vue, attachProps: true })],

Additionally, Integrations.Vue accepts a few different configuration options that let you change its behavior:

  • Passing in Vue is optional, if you do not pass it window.Vue must be present.
  • Passing in attachProps is optional and is true if it is not provided. If you set it to false, the SDK will suppress sending all Vue components' props for logging.
  • Passing in logErrors is optional and is false if it is not provided. If you set it to true, the SDK will call original Vue's logError function as well.

{% capture __alert %} Please note that if you enable this integration, Vue will not call its logError internally. This means that errors occurring in the Vue renderer will not show up in the developer console. If you want to preserve this functionality, make sure to pass the logErrors: true option. {% endcapture %}

{% include components/alert.html title="Vue Error Handling" content=__alert level="warning" %}

In case you are using the CDN version or the Loader, we provide a standalone file for every integration, you can use it like this:

<!-- Note that we now also provide a es6 build only -->
<!-- <script src="" integrity="{% sdk_cdn_checksum sentry.javascript.browser latest bundle.es6.min.js %}" crossorigin="anonymous"></script> -->
<script src=""></script>

<!-- If you include the integration it will be available under Sentry.Integrations.Vue -->
<script src="" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

    integrations: [new Sentry.Integrations.Vue({ Vue, attachProps: true })],